Our mission is very clear, Support SMEs! The COVID-19 crisis has deeply affected so many companies that we have decided to go out and help and protect businesses so that they do not suffer losses. We are a group of engineers who have put our physical and human resources to the development and management of this project.

The concept is very simple: protect local businesses that are the first to open and the last to close by providing us with a service. Why? They, like you, have bills and fixed costs to pay during the crisis. Invoices, employees, suppliers, which, if unable to pay, would lead them to closing… How will we do it? Advance purchases, what you buy now you consume it when we overcome this crisis.

The project is an initiative that seeks to prevent small businesses from suffering from confinement. The project is real and we want to help as many people as possible. For this, we need your collaboration, to spread the word to all businesses and customers, so that together we can achieve the goal of supporting.

It is now when we must take out our human side and work together to overcome the crisis!

Our team:

Marcos Palomeque  |  Omar Llanes  |  Diego Nieto  |  Rodrigo Barrón  |  Emilio Aguirre  |  Miguel Ledesma  |  Diego Urtaran  | Dira Damián


APOYAMEX would not be possible without the valuable support of:

INCREACTION: Servicios de Consultoría de Alineación de Procesos, Capacitación, Branding, Transformación Cultural e Innovación www.increaction.net 

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