How do I sign up?

This marketplace uses Facebook or Google+ open ID for all your logins, as well, you have the chance to create a account with your email.

If you have any doubts during the registration process, please access the "Info For Sellers" page, where you will find a step by step guide on how to register. If you still have doubts, you can always contact us at and we wil gladly assist you. 

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

If you registered with your email, go to the Login page and click the "Forgot Password?" button below.

You can also reset your password through either your Google or Facebook account if you used those services to register. 

Do you allow guest checkout?

Yes. You can choose not to create an account at APOYAMEX when making a purchase. However, you are highly recommended to do so as all your delivery details will be saved in your account. Any future purchases that you make will become much faster and simpler and you will be able to review all your purchase history. 

What if I do not find the category of my business?

Please contact us at so that we can add the category.

What is "Stripe" payment method?

Stripe is the best software platform to manage credit card payments through the Internet. It is one of the leading, biggest, most used-most secure payment services available. 

By buying any item in APOYAMEX via Stripe, we can guarantee that your money is safe at all times, even from us! We don't recieve, touch or manage the money at any time, the payment is made directly and automatically to the business thanks to Stripe's technology. 

We take ALL Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

How do I make a credit/debit card payment?

Click the shopping cart on the top menu bar. After selecting the items that you want to checkout, fill in your delivery details which include your name, notification email, contact number and delivery address. If you are using an account, these details should already be prepopulated for you. Next, review the order details once last time before clicking “Proceed to payment”. Check the payment details and click “Pay now”. A pop up box would appear so that you can fill in your credit card details. Once the payment is done, you will be redirected back to APOYAMEX's site.

We take ALL Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express.

How do I know that my online payment is secure?

APOYAMEX uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which ensures that all connections on APOYAMEX's server remain encrypted. This explains why the website address begins with “https” instead of “http”. Our website and app is secured using a RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate. This ensures all information you send using our app will be encrypted. Please click the “padlock” icon on the web browser for more details on the security certificate. APOYAMEX also do not store any credit card details and payments are processed through Stripe. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us!

Is it safe to introduce my credit card info in APOYAMEX?

Yes! We have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) throughout the site. The payment transactions are processed through Stripe, one of the leading and most sercure payment pasarels worldwide. You are safe with us!

Are my credit card details safe?

APOYAMEX does not store nor handle any credit card details on our site. Our PCI level 1 compliant partners hold all your financial data securely; no one can access it, not even us! We also have activated an SSL Certificate for out website, which guarantees a safe transaction.

Will I be charged any fees for making a purchase?

APOYAMEX purpose is to help business in Mexico to proliferate during the novel Covid - 19 crisis. This is an altruistic and non-profit project.

Will I be charged with a fee for selling a product?

APOYAMEX is a non-profit initiative, but it is necessary to pay for the comission of the third party payment pasarel, which is a 3.6% of the total ammount of every transaction, plus a $3.00 MXN fee per transaction. 

Only as a way to afford hosting and admin costs of the platform, APOYAMEX will charge a 2.8% of the total ammount of every transaction.

How can I see the items I've purchased?

Simply hover the cursor over your profile to activate the drop down bar and click on “Purchases”. This opens up your Purchase History page where you can access details of all the products/services you've purchased.

What if a business I purchased from closes before I can recieve my product/service?

We really hope this will not happen. However, the actual global crisis implies really big challenges for sall businesses. In the case you find yourself in this situation, you will have to contact directly with the business to make an arrangement between both of you. 

Please consider that nobody wants to close a business. We make every effort to help and rescue small businesses through this hard times, but we can't assure the continiuty of all of them. 

Sadly, We cannot take any responsibility in this situations, but we can always help you to get to an undestanding with the business owner.

Are there any subscription fees or listing fees on APOYAMEX?

There are no listing fees or subscription fees charged, so you can list as many item as your like. However, you will be charged a transaction fee for each transaction made. Drop APOYAMEX an email to ask about the transaction fee.

How do I receive my Payout/Payment?

Stripe will automatically credit any Payout/Payment directly to your Stripe account after every successful transaction.Stripe will transfer funds to your bank account based on the schedule listed in your dashboard. For example, “Daily — 7 day rolling basis” would mean that charges processed on 1st March would be grouped together and deposited in your account on 8th March, and “Weekly (Monday) — 2 business day rolling basis” would mean that charges processed before a given Thursday will be grouped together and deposited in your account on the following Monday.Your transfer schedule can be configured to simplify your accounting. We currently offer the option for funds to be transferred daily, weekly (on a custom day of the week), or monthly (on a custom day of the month).You can see all attempted transfers made by Stripe to your bank account on your dashboard.

Can I sell in APOYAMEX if I'm not a properly established business?

No, we would like to be able to help all the businesses possible, but it is necessary that you are a properly established business, registered as at SAT, and able to issue invoices to your customers. 

When you create your account in APOYAMEX, you will be asked to send an invoice issued by your business before we can activate your account and start selling. 

What kind of businesses are allowed to join APOYAMEX?

All businesses of any kind are very welcome to join APOYAMEX!

Please refer to the "Info For Sellers" section to learn more about the requirements needed for you to join us. 

What items are prohibited on APOYAMEX?

This policy is part of our Terms of Use ( By selling on APOYAMEX, you are agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.
APOYAMEX requires all sellers and users to abide by the laws of the jurisdictions in which you are operating and selling.

APOYAMEX expects all users to only list items that are legal. All items must not present legal risks to our community, be inconsistent with Apoyamex values or harmful to our members.